Serial Entrepreneurs Venture And Venture Again

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There are entrepreneurs, and then there are serial entrepreneurs. The process of coming up with a business idea and successfully implementing it involves risk. It’s difficult to accurately gauge the market and the competitive landscape, come up with a successful business idea, hire the right people and manage them, and launch your product as a commercial success. There are also elements outside the entrepreneur’s control, such as changes in government rules and natural disasters, for instance. That’s why most entrepreneurs are happy if their project succeeds and then focus on building it up further. However, there are those who startup one business and then move on to another one. These are the serial entrepreneurs.

Once their business is successfully established, serial entrepreneurs tend to sell it off and then move on to the next venture. They feel restless and don’t necessarily want to engage in the task of running a business past the high-risk stage of getting it off the ground. They aren’t inclined to handle the more mundane management aspects of running the business. And that’s typically why they move on to their next entrepreneurial venture. They may also get new ideas for business pursuits based on their experience with their current business, another reason they might want to start a new venture.

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