Entrepreneurs Need Entrepreneurial Attorneys


As an Entrepreneur it is easy to feel isolated and frustrated. It can also become very risky if you do not have a knowledgeable team around you to help you navigate the legal waters. You don’t know what you don’t know, usually until it’s too late.

But you can change that cycle by looking for an attorney that is more than just an attorney – one that is an Entrepreneurial Attorney – an educated professional in the legal field who is also an Entrepreneur.

Until someone has tried, failed, picked themselves up and tried until they succeeded, they really don’t know the journey you are on. The Entrepreneurial Attorney has the same spirit you do, understands the stress and elation that comes from being an Entrepreneur. They also understand the financial constraints on plans for funding, growth and professional services.

An Entrepreneurial Attorney will provide solutions that meet the immediate and long term needs of the Entrepreneur. These can include flat fees, a scalable services model that can meet your immediate needs and plan for the next level of need. It can also include payment plans and acting as your interim General Counsel. In some cases, they could also design creative compensation models to work with the cash flow of the business.  There are even some firms that are willing to own a small share of the business in exchange for their services, and share in the rewards, which demonstrates a belief that you can and will succeed.  

An experienced entrepreneurial attorney will be able to pivot and change course as fast as you can. They can help you uncover the pitfalls before you even get near them and make sure you have all the legal documents in place to get and keep you in compliance with the law. They also know what it takes to grow and fund a business and can help you secure the personnel and money you need.

An Entrepreneurial Attorney can also give advice on funding, mentors, make introductions and help you with your funding needs. Additionally, they may be able to offer you access to a wider network of skilled professionals outside of the legal field. They are useful in connecting you with the right people to build out the teams you will need to be successful – an Advisory Board, Board of Director and even mentors.

So remember, when you are deciding on the legal representation you need, remember to go with the Entrepreneurial Attorney!

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