Gratitude in a 140 Character World

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140 Characters – not words, characters. That’s the amount of attention people allow themselves today. That’s the amount of time people have today.

We get it, we’re all rushing and busy and being all entrepreneurial.

Just about everyone is on Twitter, so why not use that channel, that media to thank people as well as promoting your product, service or idea? Your gratitude can be contagious and maybe just make someone’s day.

What a great way to thank customers by giving them a shout out like:

@customer just wanted to know we are #grateful your for your #support w/our new line #Thanks #boldpossibilities

@customer love your #enthusiasm and #support; with customers like you, we can’t help but #succeed! #Winners

I saw this on Twitter and it made me smile. The company updated the customer, but there is no update except they care! The customer actually thanked the car service:

update text from my car place: “Your Honda is happy here! Why? Because we are taking good care of it until it comes home” #Thanks

You can use Twitter to acknowledge employees and the exemplary work they are doing for you. Here are some quick examples:

@employeename Great work on the Staff Party! You made it memorable for everyone #EmployeeOfTheYear #BestTeamEver

– and of course, post images from the party.

@employeename is the best part of @companyname Our path seems much shorter #ThanksToYou #Supportive #Rockstar #ThanksForAllYouDo’

Or even a simple tweet like this can go a long way:

@employeename. Great job! #Thanks doesn’t even begin to say it!!!

Acknowledge the leaders in your industry if they attended the same event you did, like:

Watched @industryleaderX keynote speech last night @Eventname – always #insightful, #PowerfulSpeaker #Genius

Or tweet about an article they wrote and then thank them again for the interesting tips, or understanding of a particularly complex issue. Thanking them for the positive impact on you or your team will help keep them motivated to do it again and again! You may even get them to reply and start a relationship – maybe arrange to meet at the next big industry event!

Thank people for promoting and attending your events too. Yes, it’s one way to promote the event, but it also gives them the gratitude and thanks for reaching out to their network about something of yours:

@attendeename #thanks for attending our #annual #Entrepreneur event last night; #thank you for your #Donation and #Support

BIG BIG #THANKS @attendeename for coming out last night for #EventName #Grateful

BIG BIG #THANKS @promotername for getting the word out about our event #EventName #Grateful

Saying thank you publically, and believe us, Twitter is public, is an ideal and modern way to show your gratitude. If you aren’t doing it, start today!