How to Stay Grateful in Down times?

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Are you a “glass is half full” or a “glass is half empty” person? Or are you the one that drinks the water and says “thank you”?

It’s so easy to fall into the habit, and it is a habit, of focusing on the negative, what didn’t get accomplished in a week, a quarter or a year. As entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to remain grateful and positive when you are running faster than the wind trying to keep up with all that needs to be done.

Yet, by stopping, taking the time to reflect and understand that each moment, each situation is an opportunity to look at things from a positive perspective. With each situation, is an opportunity to learn, to build new habits. When you are having a ‘down’ time, take a look around and evaluate. Make a list of what you’ve learned from the tough situation, the hard times. How did you grow? How did it make you stretch as an entrepreneur, a leader, and as a person? Most importantly, what can you do differently next time?

When we look around and blame others for things not going right, we become the victim and never take responsibility or learn from an experience. It’s easy to focus on the down aspects and fall into deception – as an entrepreneur, that is when you want to give up.

When this happens, and it will happen, we want you to remember why you became an entrepreneur to begin with! You saw something wonderful in your vision. You had the courage to pursue it with the passion you hold for it. There was a purpose, a why that motivated you to work tirelessly in the pursuit of success. Do you still have the belief that you can make it work? Then that’s something to be grateful for!

Look at the ‘down’ time as the time to be grateful; you can’t learn to walk without falling. It’s not learning from the fall, it’s the not getting up again that creates failure.

Remember, being an entrepreneur is about happily achieving, not achieving to be happy.
What lessons have you learned that you are grateful you learned? Share this in the comments below so we can learn too.