What It Takes To Stand Out And Compete As A Newcomer


Entrepreneur Trevor George has recreated the wheel – and it’s Blue! Blue Wheel Media founder Trevor George realized a better way to do digital marketing; the circular way (like a wheel), where creative ideas are infused in all channels to maximize customer’s marketing investment.

He has helped clients grow multi-million dollar e-commerce revenue by 130%  – in under 6 months. AND he’s helped launch Instagram accounts that have grown to 50k engaged followers in less than a year with no advertising budget. Oh, and did we mention he’s been on the Shark Tank television show?

Trevor isn’t just the founder of Blue Wheel Media, he’s also the president of Trevco, a leading wholesale to retail manufacturer of licensed merchandise. This combination of experience and his unique Internet marketing point of view have resulted in new benchmarks in the digital space.

This week Trevor is the interview guest on The Trep Talk podcast and will offer insight into how he got customers to believe and, harder yet, commit dollars to this new approach – often that hardest thing for an entrepreneur to do. Come and see what you can glean from the conversation for your firm!