Risky Business

Dan Shugar Image

When Dan Shugar learned he was losing his customer base to Chinese manufacturers, he made the difficult decision to stay the course – continue to use natural ingredients and manufacture in the United States. With prices of products manufactured in China, this was a huge risk forShugar Soapworks, the family business Dan ran.

As entrepreneurs we have and will continue to make hard choices, but Dan’s was one of survival. He could have chosen to take his manufacturing to China like so many of his competitors. But to do so would have meant people he’d worked with for years, decades even, would be out of a job.

That didn’t sit well with Dan. So he decided to do something about it! This week on The Trep Talk podcast he tells how he found creative ways to cut corners, made deals with his staff and utilities so he could stay in business. All the while searching for a new customer base.

Find out how under Dan’s leadership the company turned around and it didn’t just survive, it thrived!