Set Goals and Dream…words to stimulate, motivate and inspire

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For many years the bird lived in his cage. One day his cage was left open and he was free to fly the whole house. But the bird would not come out. He had grown so used to the cage, he did not feel safe outside of it. In what places in our lives is the gate to our cage open, yet we remain bound and do not fly? Spread your wings. Take a leap of faith and let your eagle wings spread. #beambitious #fly #dream #goals

Set Goals and Dream

What makes a dream different from a thought?  Passion! What makes a goal different from a dream? The dream is the initial thought and the goal is the ability to set your eyes on the target and execute.

Don’t let the low standards and ever changing cultural climate cause you to aim beneath your nobility and ability to dream big and relentlessly go after your goals.  So many have such a fear of failure that they never try and they set the goals so ever enthusiastically but never execute. There are so many great ideas that have been dreamt up that have never surfaced and laid to rest in the grave because of the fear of the door closing. The grave is the richest place on earth as they house some of the greatest dreams, goals and aspirations that die before they ever see life. We often become so wounded by the closing of one door that we forget to look for windows that too, have the ability to grant us access. Don’t let your imagination focus on ugliness, pessimism, distress and failure; Picture beauty, success and desired results. Imagine yourself on the actual journey to achieving your goals. You can dream something into existence; negatively or positively. Decide how you want your imagination to serve you and dream something bigger than you so you can serve a purpose for humanity. The greatest position in this world is not so much in where we stand and look busy, as it is in the traction you make moving in a direction that will change your realm of influence. No matter what your age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within you and new beauty waiting to be born. Dreams are renewable; there are no rules or guidelines. If you can dream it you can be it. Dream wildly and live loudly. Be in constant pursuit of achieving your goals.

Be balanced, your friend

PJ Jenkins, Jr.