Riding the Internet Wave


Wanting to be part of the exploding Internet and a strong desire to ride the Internet wave were the motivations for Jeremy Schneider to start RentLinx. The wave crested for Jeremy when AppFolio purchased RentLinx.

Acquisition by AppFolio is great, yet RentLinx wasn’t an overnight success. The first years were lean and only by his determination and persistence, a strong theme throughout Jeremy’s life, did his success result in acquisition.
Entrepreneurs know they must have a strong belief in their idea, their business. But do they have the determination to go through what Jeremy went through; sticking with it long after the initial excitement waned?  Sticking with it even though it wore on him, sticking with it when he chose to use credit cards to eat rather than take on a job that would pull his focus away from his company? Find out how this self-proclaimed ‘shy guy’ turned his business into an attractive purchase for AppFolio on this week’s TheTrepTalk program.