Entrepreneur Fulfilled His Dream, Now Helping Others!


Instead of failing when the mortgage crisis hit his retail business, Shawn Ward redefined his business and his business model, taking an obstacle and creating a stronger business. It goes along with one of his favorite sayings, “You can lose the battle, just don’t lose the lesson!”

From owning property in Detroit to becoming a Day Trader in New York City to having had a fashion brand, to consulting, Shawn has the experience and fearlessness to jump in and take advantage of an opportunity. And he’s always tried to live in the moment, to finish one goal before moving the goal line and stopping to understand the lessons. Shawn juggles his current three businesses and still finds time to mentoring entrepreneurs throughout the US!

Listen to Shawn on The Trep Talk and find out how he made the transition from Corporate to entrepreneur in three different industries and still has time for giving back to entrepreneurs.