Preparation Say Hello to Opportunity!


Paul Jenkins Jr., or as many know him, PJ, believes that if you have a dream, you should wake up everyday and work on that dream, so when opportunity comes you are fully prepared to meet it. He knows what he’s talking about! He dreamed up a restaurant that no one had thought of before and it flourished, he’s written an inspiring book and is in the process of writing another, and now he is creating incredible spaces with MIG South, a construction company with his partner, Paul Jenkins Sr.

How did he do it, and how does he continue to do it? By dreaming big, by preparing for possibilities, by being ready when the opportunities presented themselves. For example, he turned an album release party for P. Diddy (yes, that P. Diddy) into a three-day album release Tour in Miami Beach!

PJ is our guest this week on The Trep Talk. Find out how his ability to find opportunities started when he was six and has never left him!