Pivot And Pivot Again – Tips From An Entrepreneur


There is something said for having a diverse background in your field. Bill Crane is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, former Venture capitalist and expert in all stages of supply chain, having worked for OEMs and suppliers. His experience is steeped in his passion for technology that delivers cutting edge hardware technology that has a positive impact on the world.

Bill’s ‘ah ha!’ moment for forming his company Industry Star, was the realization that while a product may be stellar in the lab, the real issues were getting it into the marketplace due to a lack of resources. Ripe for a solution, he launched Industry Star.

But for another of his companies, the ‘ah ha’ turned into an ‘oh no’ moment. He faced the worst-case scenario possible, and realized facing the worst really wasn’t that bad. In fact, it took the fear out of failure, allowing for important lessons and subsequent success.

Find out more about Bill’s experience on surviving failure, his perspective as a former VC’s, and how he is winning today on this week’s The Trep Talk.