Sacrifice can be a Great Propellant

Brandon Boyd

Brandon Boyd defines success as being happy, feeling good about your life. He believes success isn’t the destination; it is the journey. And he’s had quite a road to travel! Today with soon to be six children, a solar company and an online marketing company, he has found that success, and to keep in balance with his heavy work schedule and family, he’s found some great secrets he shares this week in The Trep Talk podcast!

Starting out as a young newlywed with only 16 cents in his bank account was good incentive for Brandon to start making decisions to move his life and family forward. Selling his prized possession, a Michael Jordan rookie card to pay rent and start a business was a sacrifice he was willing to make. Admittedly, one many would not make!

This week on The Trep Talk he speaks of the sacrifices and the rewards and most importantly, living a balanced life. Find out the disciplined way he has incorporated a routine into his day to keep him on track with business, and family.  A routine any of us could easily adopt!

Listen here.