Rocketing Detroit Ahead of the Pack

mark Hudsom Image

Marc Hudson, CEO and Co-founder of Rocket Fiber has come a long way from delivering flowers as a ten year old at a farmer’s market to delivering High Speed Internet connectivity. And not just high speed, ten-gigabits of high speed!

Mark is a true entrepreneur, living where he wants, when he wants, and working on projects that he loves. He co-founded, Rocket Fiber and is challenged only by how far and how fast they can go. His company is a spin off from Dan Gilbert’s Quicken Loans, which demonstrates the belief its supporter has in the future of high-speed Internet through fiber.

And fast is the key! Most cities that are able to offer one-gigabit capability have seen property values increase 3-5%, and companies and talent are migrating to cities that offer them this huge increase in Internet speed, which they equate to productivity.

And if you think it’s only high tech, futuristic applications attracted to this level of high-speed, you’d be wrong again. Medical applications are being pursued right now. One industry Mark discusses is the psychiatry field where there are too many patients for Psychiatrists to visit all of them in person, but with high-speed connectivity, they are creating the Tele-Psychiatry field!

Mark is the guest this week on The Trep Talk podcast. He also talks about the lessons learned and the value of having passionate, talented and motivated partners to help along the journey. You won’t want to miss it!