The CEO Whisperer, Cameron Herold, talked how mental diseases are Entrepreneur Superpowers and the importance of a COO

Known around the world as the CEO Whisperer, Cameron Herold joined Michael Melfi to talk about his early entrepreneurial days starting at age 7, phoning dry cleaning locations to pay him to collect coat hangers and having 14 employees at age 21 to helping build two $100 million dollar companies, writing multiple books, and founding the COO Alliance.

In this episode, Harold talks about how diseases can be superpowers, why the second-in-command in a company is so important, and the right formula for an entrepreneur and their second-in-command. He even spills on his secret to success, and spoiler alert: it has to do with investing, but find out exactly what kind of investing when you listen to the Be Investable podcast today.

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