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Small Businesses and the Affordable Health Care Act

Growth is the goal of all entrepreneurs when starting a business. You want to grow beyond yourself and help from family and friends, and as you have sales, you...

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Key Considerations when Selecting a Legal Entity

As an entrepreneur it’s extremely important to “know what you don’t know” when selecting the appropriate legal entity for your business. As an attorney and small business advisor, I...

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Business Taxation and Your Choice of Business Structure

Entrepreneurs get very serious when they get to the point where they need to decide what legal business structure to form – limited liability company (LLC), Corporation, S-Corp, partnership,...

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Intellectual Property: Clear the Confusion with Contracts

What’s black and white all over? NOT intellectual property (IP). That intellectual property is defined as ‘creations of the mind’ makes it a decidedly gray matter. Its complexity makes...

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Running a Business with “Remote Resources”

There are many benefits to employing human resources from around-the-world. It is less costly in terms of overhead, however it can be a struggle to get “outside employees” to...

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Treating Your LLC Like A Corporation

Like many entrepreneurs, you may have elected to file your business structure as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and I’m sure you know that LLCs can elect to be...

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Capitalization: Working Capital

  When it comes to starting a business, two key questions entrepreneurs ask are: “how do we finance our new business” and “what are the tax consequences”? Entrepreneurs know...

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