In The Investable Launchpad, Entrepreneurs Leverage Advisors, Proven Systems, and Investor Networks to Increase their Enterprise Value, and Become Investment Ready.


The top entrepreneurs from across the world have realized that the quickest way to grow their business is to increase their enterprise value by using OPM. Other People’s Money.

The quickest path to growth is to find an investor (or group of investors) who believe in your vision and want to invest their resources into your vision.

So, then why does raising capital have to be so hard?

  • It takes a lot of preparation – and most entrepreneurs spend their days focused on operations, not raising capital.
  • There’s a lack of urgency from most investors to put money into your company.
  • The “maybe” can extend timelines and reduce negotiating power.
  • Companies aren’t very clear in their vision
  • Many entrepreneurs don’t really understand their market and the problem they’re solving
  • Entrepreneurs aren’t focused on building a team, but investors want to put their money into teams
  • Most entrepreneurs are not 100% sure how much money they need, and how they will spend that money


Week 1

Vision: We will discuss the vision for the business, and where you would like to see the company go. This includes creating outcomes for each area of your business to make sure we’re not leaving behind any details. When we set a target, we can begin to work backwards into the actions necessary to create success that’s in alignment with your vision for the company.



Week 2

Financial Story: We will deep dive into what it takes to build a financial model to budget for current operations, and create the story for what the future will look like with proper funding. We will make sure that we’re crystal clear on the key drivers within your industry, and your business model. This will help us better understand the enterprise value of the organization, and the levers we need to move to materialize the vision we set forth in week 1.



Week 3

Product Grid: We will work with you to fine tune your products, the problems they solve, their descriptions, their price points, and the target market for each of these products. By understanding exactly what problem you solve, and who you solve it for, you are able to fine tune your messaging to maximize marketing and sales efforts.



Week 4, 5 & 6

Strategy: During this time we will work through the strategic planning aspect of the business. We utilize our proprietary OPA process to refine the strategy, and make it actionable in each area of your business. This is the process that will fine tune the execution plan and will bring us to the enterprise value we’ve determined as the ultimate outcome.



Week 7

Execution Plan: We will focus on a 90 day execution plan to use as the basis for creating specific action items for immediate implementation. This will help us formulate a list of standard operating procedures that will drive the processes within the business that help increase the key metrics within the organization.



Week 8

Compiling Investment Collateral: We will focus on developing the pitch deck, as well as compiling all the materials that will go within your dataroom. We will refine your pro forma, use of funds, go to market strategy, and investor messaging to make sure there’s a clear sequence for the investment process. During this stage, we will make sure there’s a strong narrative for the pitch, and an investor list that corresponds to your industry and deal size.



Week 9

Executive Summary: We will take all of the materials created thus far and develop a robust 5 pager that will serve as a practical business plan for both the investors, and the management team. Once this is refined, we will boil it down to a 1 pager to leverage during email correspondence with potential investors.



Week 10

Go to Market: During this week, we will be starting the outreach process to investors on our list to gauge interest in the market. This is not a ‘spray and pray’ process. This is executing on an intricate outreach strategy to get investors to raise their hands and say ‘I want more information.’



Week 11

Pipeline Management: During this week, we will be following up with investors, and setting up initial calls. Managing an investor pipeline is a bit more nuanced than a sales pipeline. It’s important that we’re consistent in our management, and ability to run the deal process in stages.



Week 12

Recalibration: We will reconvene to discuss what is working and what is not. This is our opportunity to tweak our process, the investment collateral, or the investor list to maximize our outreach efforts. The ability to refine your outreach system will determine your ability to increase conversion rates. This requires the whole team being on the same page.



What Can You Expect Out of The Investable Launchpad?

Here are 13 things you can expect by going through the 12 week Investable Launchpad Accelerator.

  1. Review your company materials: including business and financial presentation, website, and other sales and marketing collateral.
  2. Conduct an in depth Entrepreneur Culture Assessment to assist you with defining the vision, leadership style, sales strategies and office environment for maximum growth and success.
  3. Develop a compelling vision and financial story based on key drivers in your Company’s industry.
  4. Cultivate a product grid that speaks directly to your company’s value stack, and the pain point of your target demographic.
  5. Use the vision, financial story, and product grid to create a unique strategy based on the mutually agreed upon key drivers of your company or industry.
  6. Utilize our custom curated list, and your external resources, to build a comprehensive list of potential funding sources specifically focused on your industry, market size, and company stage.
  7. Create a pitch deck, one-pager, email messaging, and other supporting materials to successfully navigate each step of the investment process.
  8. Create valuable group sessions and one-to-one training sessions to maximize growth, and make sure the idiosyncrasies of your individual situation don’t go unnoticed.
  9. Develop the identity, beliefs, and behaviors that create investable entrepreneurs.
  10. Gain resources that successfully maximize the investment. Resources are including (but not limited to); financial, social, intellectual, and the strategy to scale your organizations growth.
  11. Work in group settings to better understand how implementation is executed within different organizations
  12. Provide access to an exclusive Investable alumni network through our online community and in person events
  13. Receive a copy of the proprietary playbook for developing the blueprint for any companies success.


What is The Investable Launchpad?

The investable launch pad is an online incubator that takes entrepreneurs through the investable process over a 12 week period.

What are the time commitment’s I’ll have on a weekly basis?

1. Weekly content to review to prepare for session (visual, auditory, or text depending on your preferences).

2. Weekly one hour virtual session with an advisor and subject matter expert (this is followed by an optional one hour interactive working session with an Advisor). All of these are recorded in case you cannot make them.

3. Weekly one-on-one coaching meeting with your advisor.

4. Optional extra office hours during weeks 2, 8, 9 & 10.

What are we going to cover during the program?

Each session is dedicated to certain deliverables that help entrepreneurs move through the fund raising process.
Session 1 – Vision: We will discuss the vision for the business and where you would like to see the company go. Based on setting a target, we can begin to work backwards into the actions necessary to create success in alignment with your vision for the company. Further we will dive into enterprise value, and the key drivers for your organization.

Session 2 – Financial Story: We will deep dive into what it takes to build a financial model to budget for current operations, and create the story for what the future will look like with proper funding. May companies have most of this already in order, so we can work from what you have in place as there is no need to recreate the wheel, rather reframe it into a story. All great pitches and investments are based on a financial model that’s based on a series of appropriate assumptions.

Session 3 – Product Grid: We will work with you to fine tune your products and services, as well as their attributes, and the target market for these products. By understanding exactly what problem you solve and who you solve it for, you are able to get focused on your marketing and sales efforts.

Session 4, 5 & 6 – Strategy: During this time we will work through the strategic planning aspect of the business. Through this process we will fine tune the plan for moving forward. In these sections, we use a proprietary model to identify deliverables that will grow the key drivers of the business.

Session 7 – Strategic Plan: We will focus on a strategic plan to use as our basis for creating action items for immediate execution and a gap plan for mid-term planning and execution.  Based on this, we will be able to develop a pitch deck that explains the company, our ask, and how we will use the money to execute successfully.

Session 8-10 – Fundraising: the last three weeks will be focused on fundraising. As previously stated, this will always be going on, however, it will really ramp up during these weeks. Based on success to this point, we will assist in compiling a list of potential funding sources.


Session 11-12 –

Who teaches the course?

Our team is made up of advisors who have:

  1. Trained on the vision and goal setting models used by Fortune 500 companies and Forbes 400 richest people.
  2. Received and delivered mentorship based on work with thousands of entrepreneurs over the last two decades
  3. Delivered multiple TED Talks about entrepreneurial growth and success.
  4. Developed a strategic planning processes used for over $100 M in deals.
  5. Built a team of worldwide experts who manage an education conglomerate.
  6. Developed a custom experience for participants in our incubator program.

How many people attend?

The cohorts are made up of 6-10 companies – these people will all be invited to the weekly sessions

The one-on-one sessions are only for the specific team and their Advisor

When does the course start?

The course will start January 2019, and every few months thereafter. In the weeks prior to the course, there will be a discovery process and a few calls.

Who are the participants?

Participants typically fall into 2 categories:


Small business owners, and investors.


Small business owners include entrepreneurs with startups in the early stage, as well as emerging and growth stage companies.


Inventors include Angel and Seed Investors, as well as family offices.


The entrepreneurs who we work with are typically looking for one of 3 things:
(1) Seeking funding or financing for their business
(2) Securing or retaining talent
(3) Business Development and Sales

Participants join the program to gain the mindset, tactics, and habits to Be Investable and succeed in these areas.

What will we accomplish?

The Investable Launchpad is the roadmap to your professional growth and success. As the name would imply, participants in the course will gain the mindset, skills and knowledge to gain the wisdom for how to make an ask for resources (talent, money, etc.). Ultimately early in the program, the participants determine their goals and begin to create the plan by which to achieve them.

The ultimate outcome for many of the companies is fundraising or launching a business.

Therefore, during the course we focus on:

  1. Building a financial story
  2. Creating a strategic plan
  3. Compiling a plan for your business
  4. Developing an executive summary
  5. Designing a pitch deck

Money Back Guarantee

Our commitment is to change people’s businesses and lives. If at any point during the engagement, so long as you have completed all of the assignments and participated fully, you don’t get value or feel your learning style doesn’t match how we teach, we will happily refund the money you’ve paid us under this Agreement less any external fees subject to the following conditions:

  • Deadline to Apply for Refund. To be eligible for a refund, you must submit your request within 14 days of the completion of the program.
  • Completed Course Work. Company must submit completed course work and tell BI what didn’t work for the organization.
  • Company Discretion. After the materials are submitted, all refunds are within BI’s sole discretion to grant or deny the refund request.
  • No Refund applications will be accepted until after the program ends.

Please do not enroll in our programs if you just want to “check it out.” It is mutually understood that both parties will have to put in the resources to make the program worth while. The Advisor puts a significant amount of time and energy into the necessary work, the same level of commitment is expected of the Client.