With Investable Mastermind; Growth, Expansion,  and Maturity Stage company leaders are finally able to connect and evolve with peers who are focused on building Enterprise Value and preparing their companies for the capital markets.


If you’ve studied successful entrepreneurs, then you know that one thing holds true across the board. Successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with other successful people. The misconception is that the peer groups of successful people just ‘yes’ them to death. If someone wants to stay in the circle of influence of a successful person, then telling them what they want to hear is the best way to do that… right?


Successful people surround themselves with others who challenge them to become the best version of themselves.  Leaders make sure they create a group of peers and mentors who challenge their assumptions

The entrepreneurs who made it all, then lost it all have one thing in common. They surrounded themselves with the wrong people. Typically, these were the people who just told them what they wanted to hear, instead of what they needed to hear.

Most wealthy people would tell you the best investment you can make is an investment in yourself.  The second best investment you can make is an investment in your relationships .

The team here at Be Investable knows that the quickest way to raise the stakes personally and professionally is to surround yourself with peers, professionals and mentors who provide a foundation for your success.

So, What is Investable Mastermind?

Investable Mastermind is comprised of a group of leaders who meet monthly, and are focused on raising the enterprise value of their organization over the next 5 years .

We follow a proven custom roadmap to grow profits, acquire team members, attract investor capital, and increase your impact on your business, and your community.


How does it work?

Investable Mastermind is organized by the advisors of BeInvestable and Trusum Visions.  Before each meeting participants should be prepared to answer 5 questions, listed below.  We then work within our accountability triangles to acheive personal accountability that will result in lasting changes and goal acheivement.

Here is the 5 question survey:

  1. One thing working really well in their business
  2. One thing they’re struggling with (or need help with)
  3. One resource that you’ve found that others may find useful (blog, podcast, service, product, etc).
  4. One action you can take this week to drive your personal or professional life forward
  5. One thing you’ve learned this week.


This enables our Mastery advisors and participants to live an abundant life while connecting with like minded individuals through game changing accountability.

Here’s what an average monthly meeting looks like.


  • Our facilitator will kick off the evening, and invite one of the company’s advisors to provide 5 minutes of insight based on the work we’re doing with both Fortune 500 companies, and growth stage entrepreneurs.
  • We will then discuss one investable insight that enhances enterprise value within an organization.
  • Next, we bring in one subject matter expert who is going to discuss how they’ve become investable, both personally and professionally, and the obstacles they’ve faced along the way.
  • Each subject matter expert is challenged to reveal secrets, insights, and distinctions that they’ve never shared before.
  • Members are always encouraged to participate in a Q&A where they can dive deeper into specifics, or the obstacles they’re currently facing.
  • Once a month, we will send each member a product from one of the subject matter experts to help support and facilitate the entrepreneurs growth experience.


Through our private calls  and group support system, you’ll get the chance to ask questions, and get instant solutions, coaching, and insight for your toughest challenges. Each meeting is recorded, so if you can’t make it live you’ll be able to watch on your own schedule.

We work under the premise that being authentic and vulnerable creates moments of growth.  Our goal is to create that enviornment and suround you with like minded individuals.

We’ve consciously created this environment as it’s been proven that surrounding yourself with the right peers, mentors, and advisors creates results quicker than trying to “figure it out” on your own.

Participants of our Mastery program have gone on to:


  • Create a Billion Dollar Organization
  • Become an owner of a NBA team
  • Heal and rebuild after breakups and divorce
  • Own over 35 Organizations
  • Win an NBA Championship
  • Lead an organization to Forbes #2 Best Place to Work under Google
  • Lose Millions and Come Back with More
  • Raise Capital and hit their enterprise value targets



The program is designed around 7  key themes to support your life . Focusing on one area of your life  for every four weeks. This allows for a greater focus, clarity and results.

For example, during the Wealth & Finance focus area, you will spend four weeks aligning your desire, vision, habits, strategy and identity for that specific area of your life .

You will explore and experience transformative growth, which will rotate in the following themes:

Investable MINDSET
Focus on flexing your mental muscles to build clarity, confidence and courage. It’s time to stop self-sabotaging and remove all the internal limitations we set upon ourselves . It’s time to follow through and claim the outcomes you deserve.

Investable INFLUENCE
Influence yourself and other people. No more frustrating conversations, connect with ease as you learn how to quickly align with anyone’s motivation or focus. We will be able to identify what others want, why they want those things, and how to align your outcomes to get them on your team.

Focus on improving and enhancing your relationships. You will discover the roles you play, conscious and unconscious rules you have in relationships, and build a foundation of impactful communication.

Focus on 7 key areas to cultivate the identity of a wealth builder: Budgeting, Investing, Risk Management, Estate Planning, Cash Flow, Credit Management, Tax Management.

Investable HEALTH & ENERGY
Your health is your wealth. You are your greatest asset. Develop a sustainable identity of optimal health and high performing energy.

Investable BUSINESS
Refining the economic engine and key drivers of your company will help you better communicate value to all stakeholders. It’s your responsibility as the leader to build the foundation that customers, employees, and investors thrive upon.

As the leader, the success and failure falls solely on our shoulders. By becoming the entrepreneur who can attain the desired outcomes, we are creating an internal world where our external world has the opportunity to materialize.


How do I connect with other people from Investable Mastermind if we’re having subject matter experts on the calls?

We have a slack community with different channels for members to connect with others on topics we don’t have time to cover during the mastery calls.

How do we get all the supporting materials?

Our program coordinator will be sending you supporting materials via email periodically throughout your experience.

Is facilitating masterminds and teaching programs all that you do?

No. We are a group of subject matter experts who all happen to be passionate about working with entrepreneurs, and helping them scale their investability both personally and professionally.  If you’re looking at other masterminds, and all they do is mastermind… RUN!

Where are your offices located?

Detroit Michigan, Austin Texas, and Spain.

How will we meet?

We will use Zoom.us to meet.  It is a free video conferencing software. This allows us to share screens, record meetings, and keep track of the members attending the call.

How often will we meet?

We will meet once a month.

Will we be covering the same thing each month?

No. Each call will have the same facilitator, but different themes, outcomes, presenters, and trainers.

Money Back Guarantee

Our commitment is to change people’s businesses and lives. If at any point during the engagement, so long as you have completed all of the assignments and participated fully, you don’t get value or feel your learning style doesn’t match how we teach, we will happily refund the money you’ve paid us under this Agreement less any external fees subject to the following conditions:

  • Deadline to Apply for Refund. To be eligible for a refund, you must submit your request within 14 days of the completion of the program.
  • Completed Course Work. Company must submit completed course work and tell BI what didn’t work for the organization.
  • Company Discretion. After the materials are submitted, all refunds are within BI’s sole discretion to grant or deny the refund request.
  • No Refund applications will be accepted until after the program ends.

Please do not enroll in our programs if you just want to “check it out.” It is mutually understood that both parties will have to put in the resources to make the program worth while. The Advisor puts a significant amount of time and energy into the necessary work, the same level of commitment is expected of the Client.