The Investable Blueprint

The Investable Blueprint Program is a ten week customized training experience designed to support a leader in preparing and growing a successful business to effectively master the art of attracting funding. The ultimate outcome for this experience is for the leader to learn and apply the foundation of success to Be Investable. By learning the key steps to the Investable Blueprint and starting to apply the principles, a leader can confidently know that as they raise funds, and continue to grow, their value multiplier will grow at an exponential rate by successfully learning and completing the Be Investable Blueprint.

Outcome of this program include:

  • Learn how to build a compelling financial story
  • Identify the strategies necessary to create enterprise value
  • Create an exceptional pitch deck modeled after some of the most successful companies in the world such as Google, Uber, and Facebook
  • Receive access to a custom curated list of potential funding sources focused on your industry, market size and company stage
  • Create a 5-year vision for your organization
  • Understand the beliefs and behaviors necessary to Be Investable
  • Develop a Be Investable mindset: outcome focused and purpose driven
  • Gain insight into the strategies of the world’s most successful organizations
  • Support the leader in expanding the ways they approach their goals to achieve new levels of success
  • Gain funds and successfully maximize the investment

When You Go Through This Program And Reach The State Of Being Investable, You Will:


Gain clarity around what problem your product or service solves

One of the greatest challenges entrepreneurs face is determining what problem their product or service solves. In this program, you’ll go through exercises that will help you gain clarity and insight around what problem you solve, who has that problem, and how you get your product into their hands.


Develop a sharpened understanding around your business, the industry and your target market

Your knowledge and business acumen is an integral aspect of becoming a high level entrepreneur. It is with this knowledge you can make strategic choices and measure the results. It is in these results that you will gain wisdom to develop into the leader your business needs.


Develop the identity of a successful entrepreneur

Through our program  you will understand what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, and how to become investable. You will have the opportunity to learn how successful entrepreneurs think, and the methodologies they implement to maintain the proper mindset. It is this mindset that will provide you with the ultimate tools and resources to build an investable company.


Experience the excitement of developing influence

Imagine meeting someone and being able to share what you do and why you do it in less than a minute. We would all like to leave investors eager to learn more about us and our business. While not everyone you meet will work with you, imagine leaving an impact on each person you speak with.


Become familiar with the types of investors and how they make investments

We will bust the myths around investors, giving you the insight track to how they think, what they look, for and what investments they make. Once you understand this the perspective of an investor, you can properly position yourself and your business for the best chance at receiving funding. There is no reason to be unprepared or feel uncomfortable in talking with an investor about who you are and what you are doing.


Develop an understanding for the fundraising process and begin to create a strategic plan for successfully obtaining capital for your business

As you progress through this program, you’ll start to understand the various aspects of fundraising and what it takes to be investable as an entrepreneur and to make your business investable. With this knowledge you will create a fundraising strategy through which you can execute on utilizing our various resources and tools.


Start to gain momentum around raising capital and fund your idea, invention, or business

When you progress through this program, you’ll start to notice the transformation in both you and your business. You’ll begin noticing your ability to create results and momentum within your organization. When you fully embrace this mindset, you will have become investable.

Top Tier eLearning Platform

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