45 Day Challenge® Visionary Growth Leadership

The 45 Day Challenge® Visionary Growth Leadership program guides you to discover your potential as a leader by uncovering what holds you back while developing new supportive habits to transform your career. The program empowers you to effectively influence, communicate and perform in ways that move you and or your organization towards a more impactful leadership style.

Outcomes of the 45 Day Challenge® Visionary Growth Leadership program:

  • Become more confident influencing and leading people in any situation
  • Encourage the collaboration process to allow and embrace different perspectives while getting everyone on the same page working towards the same outcome
  • Successfully break old habits and build new habits to support you reaching your goals
  • Utilize an easy-to-use online accountability system 15-30 minutes a day for powerful, long lasting change
  • Create a sense of infinite possibilities
  • Emphasis on the opportunity for growth of the company and the team
  • Learn how to express calm confidence and flexibility to powerfully align with your team members in half the time for twice the results
  • Understand how to equally promote the vision and the mission for increased productivity and retention
  • Learn how to treat all team members with trust and respect, understanding that they are usually self-correcting and self-motivating

Top Tier eLearning Platform

We partnered with a world class virtual training company to develop the content and systems for our programs. Over the last two decades they have assisted dozens of organizations empower over 500,000 participants utilizing their cutting-edge eLearning training techniques.

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