The Investable Blueprint

The Investable Blueprint is designed for people looking for a fundraising training program that goes in depth into how we can build investable businesses and investable teams.

The biggest problem entrepreneurs and small businesses face today is funding.

Our network of investors has helped us create this content because they want to see more quality opportunities cross their desk! These investors have taught us how they think, how they make decisions, and why some companies succeed (while others don’t). We’ve created content that falls under 3 distinct categories.





Module 1

Personal Design: Your Ultimate Self

In the first week of your Investable Blueprint training, you’ll learn some of the secrets to creating a vision for you and your business. With this new framework for your personal design, you will discover how to adapt new ideologies to traditional models and marketing for a life that supports dreaming BIG. You’re going to set bolder outcomes in a way that doesn’t seem too intimidating.

Models & Systems You Will Master:

  • Creating the ultimate design for yourself.
  • How to upgrade or reinvent yourself on social media.
  • How to surround yourself with people who can impact your ability to raise capital.
  • How to establish a network that relates to the vision for yourself and supports you in your growth and success.
Module 2

Entrepreneurial Blueprint

Next, you’ll learn what the entrepreneurial blueprint is and the steps you will need to take in order to become investable. By understanding the overall picture and what is necessary to create success, you can begin to break down the process into bite size pieces that can be achieved with grace and ease. In addition to that, you’ll also learn the secret that all successful entrepreneurs have mastered.

Models & Systems You Will Master:

  • Why it is so important to understand the entrepreneurial blueprint and the importance of taking smartcuts in the process.
  • What the entrepreneurial blueprint is and where you are at in the process.
  • How the entrepreneurial blueprint will allow you and your business to Be Investable.
  • How to create a value mindset that will create your ultimate success and make fundraising easy and fun.
Module 3

The Mind of an Investor

On the third week of your Investable Blueprint training, you will learn about the types of investors and what makes them tick, and how you and your business will need to be prepared in order to present to them for funding. To help you experience the mindset of an investor, we will provide resources to assist you in learning how they think and work through various investment opportunities.

Models & Systems You Will Master:

  • The various types of investors and how they invest in various projects.
  • Understanding how they make their investment choices and what you can do to stand out amongst the crowd.
  • How to properly prepare for connecting with and communicating with potential investors.
  • A better understanding of the foreign language that investors speak and how to translate your message to this language.
  • The secret to getting a meeting every time with an investor.
Module 4

The First Impression: Your Pitch Deck and Presentation

In part one of this week’s training, you will learn the keys to creating a successful pitch deck. We will look at what has worked for others, the importance of accurate information, and how to tell the perfect story to your investors. Then, in part two of this week’s training, you will discover the importance of having your presentation camera ready, and learn the proven steps to create influence in these meetings.

Models & Systems You Will Master:

  • The steps to building a successful pitch deck.
  • The psychology of money, framing, and how it will affect your ability to make an influential presentation.
  • How to make a presentation that allows you to show your personality and passion while speaking the language of the investors.
  • The system for creating a fundable first impression.
Module 5

It Is All About Perspective - Having Business Knowledge

In the fifth week of The Investable Blueprint, you will discover how to gain perspective about your business, the marketplace, the industry and your target market. You will learn valuable insights into what it is going to take to have an investable company that will be attractive to funding sources. By honing your knowledge and perspective, you can better present your business and create more influence with customers, team members and ultimately investors.

Models & Systems You Will Master:

  • The key drivers around creating a higher valuation for your business.
  • How to conduct a competitive analysis for your business.
  • How to complete the Business Model Canvas.
  • The importance of mentors and advisors and how to go about securing them.
  • The tools and resources to begin to create a strategic plan upon which you can execute.
Module 6

An Investable Business Strategy

In week six of your training, you will receive access to all of our best of class resources to individuals and companies who can assist you in taking your business to the next level. These resources are key to establish prior to presenting to investors.

Models & Systems You Will Master:

  • The importance of various legal aspects to your business and resources to assist you.
  • How to create a financial foundation around you and your budget including the tools and resources to create budgets and pro formas. 
  • Resources for various operations obstacles every small business faces including HR, payroll, project management and administration.
  • Insight into finding the right team members or vendors in the area of web development, digital marketing, social media and business development.
Module 7

Just What Others Think About You - Valuation

Next, you will make one of your biggest leaps yet toward Becoming Investable by learning how valuation works, and how important it is in the fundraising processes. You will discover the ten key areas for gaining traction in your business and smartcutting the valuation of your business. Here you will learn the importance of various processes and systems to your company and how to communicate effectively with investors around these areas. Plus, you will receive access to our valuation tool that is used by thousands of entrepreneurs around the world.

Models & Systems You Will Master:

  • What the key areas are to creating value in your business.
  • How to use the valuation tool to build models for your personal analysis and present to advisors and mentors.
  • How to develop pro formas and build models around the finances of your business that will affect your use of the valuation tool.
Module 8

How To Connect with Investors

In your path to Becoming Investable you’ve learned many techniques and gained vast knowledge that has prepared you for taking the next steps and truly impacting your life and your business. You have done all the hard work, now it is time to have fun. With your new identity as an entrepreneur and relationship to fundraising, you are becoming a leader who can build connections with key influencers who can make introductions to funding sources and potential investors. Now, you will learn how to go beyond all you’ve learned and fully embrace your business and take it to the next level by reaching out to the funding sources.

Models & Systems You Will Master:

  • The importance of an introduction and how to go about working your network.
  • The types of communication for securing the meeting.
  • How to smartcut the application process.
  • Exclusive access to our database of over 2,500 funding sources.
  • The inside scoop on using crowdfunding as the way to connect and secure investors.
Module 9


You have come this far and done all the work, so the home stretch is in the actual fundraising. This is your chance to demonstrate you and your company can Be Investable. Here you learn the essentials of “fundraise hacking” and influencing investors in positive ways, so you can secure your funding needs.

Models & Systems You Will Master:

  • How to create a fundraising plan.
  • The two reasons why you take an investor meeting.
  • The importance of following up and following through.
  • The key steps to securing any investor meeting and walking out with a deal.
Module 10

Post Funding Execution

So once you have raised the capital, what do you do next? How do you fulfil on everything you shared with your funding sources? The journey has just begun and we have some processes and systems to use to create success now that you have achieved your outcomes.

Models & Systems You Will Master:

  • The four steps to maintaining report and confidence from your investors.
  • Setting up meeting rhythms with your team.
  • The importance of having dashboards to create accountability systems in your operations.
  • Building a winning culture and the importance of the team.