The Dip, by Seth Godin – book review

The Dip

The Dip by Seth Godin is a small little book with a big message, a message we happen to like. It’s about transforming yourself into the best you can be.

His key messages are to be the best in the world at what you choose to do, and know when to quit. Yes, quit.

Of course the term ‘world’ is one we must define for ourselves. It could be best bowler in your league, or best globally in your niche. Define your world and be the best in it, or quit and find something else that you can be the best in, but focus effort and energy on that one thing.

Godin discusses situations we’ve all found ourselves in; when we start something new we are excited and eager to learn, but as the newness wears off and it becomes difficult, it loses the initial appeal it once had for us. One example he used is the child who started Karate classes, only to dread them because it was real work and the coach yelled at them. If they had stuck with the classes, pushed through The Dip, they could be very skilled in the end, but the short-term pain or discomfort was too great.

This short-term pain he calls “The Dip.” If the long-term goal is worth the pain and effort, he encourages people to push through to the ultimate outcome you envisioned. However, not all Dips are equal. It is important to find the right dip. If you find yourself in a dead end, his advice is to quit and quit fast. Then put your efforts into something that you can give your full time and attention to and become the best in your chosen area.

Winners know when to quit, and they quit fast and redirect their efforts. Losers either quit too soon, not pushing through the right Dip, or stay in the dead end “Cul de Sac” hoping it will change and it never does.

He also differentiates between quitting a winning strategy and changing tactics within the winning strategy. You don’t have to quit the process, just pivot and try another way while going through the Dip.

For example, if your marketing is falling flat, but the overarching strategy is sound, change the way you are doing things; reword the pitch, change the imaging, refocus your target market while going through the Dip and you will achieve extraordinary results.

The Dip is a small book that gives the right questions to ask to determine if the Dip you are facing is one you should push through or quit and rejuvenate with another path (and Dip) that will ultimately transform you and your life.

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