A part of developing your personal brand is making time for activities and relationships that will enhance your unique characteristics; those that challenge you to discover and be your best. I am guilty of what many of us have done; believing that in order to be successful, you’d have to work yourself nearly to death. After several years of breaking my back in order to be able to and stick my chest out; thinking that I was successful because I had put in the hours like “a real man”, I had an epiphany: “Why on earth do I work myself to an unhealthy state of mind, body and spirit? How can I eat the fruits if I don’t even have the energy? Why am I working so much that I actually hate what I’m working on?” I decided that if that is what it takes for me to be perceived as a success, then I’m not interested. After taking some time to actually discover what my definition of successful is I have come to realize that when opportunities are met with preparedness, confidence and skill, success is inevitable. More importantly, the balance of those characteristics will create a balance that won’t allow the scales to be tipped by either success or anxiety.

I remember an exercise I participated in while in college. My professor asked us to write down everything we had done from Monday to Sunday and to examine the results for determining how balanced our time was with our lives and also so that we could assign value to our activities based on how you spend your time. My results were staggering. I spent my entire life up to that point entire life wasting my treasures on non-productive areas. I had sacrificed things that really deserved my quality time and attention. Truthfully, I have been out of college for several years and it has taken me until now to really make the change. With every inventory whether it be personal, professional or otherwise, I understand the importance of creating a balance. True greatness is being balanced in your personal, professional and spiritual existence. I’ve seen so many wealthy people who have no family, or those who have proven to be great friends, but can’t get along with their family. I encourage you to be that person who equally applies the same energy to each area of your lives. Balance is the perfect opponent for stress; it promotes a healthier lifestyle and quite honestly it’s a lot more fun. A se- saw can’t operate if it’s too heavy on one side, so until the greatness you see in yourself becomes what the world can say it saw; seek equality in your life.

Balanced, your friend



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