Josh Luber – A “Sneakerhead” And Proud Of It!


Working as an entrepreneur has its ups and downs, times when we may have had to reevaluate, step back, get back into the mainstream until the next great idea caught fire in our soul.

Enter Josh Luber!

He’s founded and run three startups, and the most recent one is a labor of love – Campless. He’s taken his talent and skill in app development to a very specific niche – collectible sneakers! Luber turned an interest (read addition) in collectible sneakers into a company that collects, analyzes and publishes data and insight into the unregulated sneaker resale industry. Campless is considered the Kelly Blue Book of collectible sneakers and garnered the attention, and money, from Detroit investors (Detroit Venture Fund and Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers). Find out why anyone would – and should – care about such a niche area – it is thought to be a $6 billion global industry.

Josh will be the guest on The Trep Talk and will discuss the investment from Detroit Venture Partners and Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert that prompted moving Campless to Detroit!