From Bartenders to Billionaires

kendrick-nguyen-imageThere’s a new resource in the Entrepreneurial Community, the Equity Crowdfunding portal Republic. Anyone can invest in a company for equity on the Republic site, from bartenders to billionaires. And Republic knows about investments – it is a spin off from Angels List. The well-respected Angels List offers assistance in the form of psychological support only as Republic is totally independent from Angels List.

But that provenance permeates Republic. It’s co-founder and CEO, Ken Nguyen came from Angels List and has assembled a team that understands what investors are looking for in a company – and what types of companies work for an equity crowdfunding campaign. The portal is automated to ensure both the company seeking investors and the individual seeking to fund a campaign are both in regulatory compliance After reviewing hundreds of companies for the portal Ken knows what will work, what makes a company ready for offering equity, as well as what they need to do to be successful in their crowdfunding campaign.

This week on The Trep Talk Ken discusses how investors today can be anyone from bartenders to billionaires opening the opportunity to invest side by side. Be sure to learn about this new resource to the entrepreneurial community this week on The Trep Talk.