jacques-panisWith expansion to cities throughout the US, keeping a culture of gratitude, approachability and transparency may appear to be difficult, but not for Jacques Panis, president of Detroit-based watch company, Shinola. Jacques is the guest this week on The Trep Talk.

Jacques discusses the High Five culture, which is literally getting up and walking the company to show appreciation. He also talks about expanding that same culture to the store that have opened throughout cities in the U.S. while still keeping with the mission of the company to create great jobs here in the U.S. that can, and will, imply generational impact in cities where jobs are needed.

Part of keeping the mission on track is introducing new and ‘made in America’ products. The next great product we can see from the company is Shinola’s new line of audio equipment, starting with a turntable to be released in November (and can be pre-ordered online at their website, The turntables will be built in Midtown Detroit, bringing even more jobs to the city.

But the company isn’t stopping there – working with partner Bedrock, they plan on opening a hotel in fall of 2018 that promises to live up to the quality and welcoming experience that is felt in every single Shinola store. According to Jacques, besides producing high quality products, is the stores it’s all about the senses; from burning Shinola candles, to touching the leather, to watching bicycles being built, to sharing a cup of coffee or enjoying an art installation.

Shinola is a case study in experiential marketing; a job-creating mission with generational impact and a culture that is a proven winner. To learn more about this up and coming company and the lessons Jacques has to offer, be sure to listen to The Trep Talk this week (and order your turntable now!).